Over the years our instructor, Trony Clifton, has identified the appropriate methodologies, educational tools and quizzes that allow candidates to pass the CISA and CISM Exams. He has prepared thousands of candidates for these exams. 85 percent of the candidates that take his CISA Review course pass. 90 percent of the candidates that take his CISM Review course pass as well.

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As this year's CISA Examination draws close you will want to make sure that you are properly prepared. The CISA Review Courses that Mandem Inc. offers are some of the best aids in studying and preparing for the exam.

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CISA Quiz Questions


The CISA Quiz Questions are a indispensable tool in your preparation. To ensure proper preparation, Mandem Inc. has compiled a set of questions that will help you study for the CISA exam. 

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Mandem has mutiple publications to aid your self study process for the CISA exam. These materials cover the ISACA domains that make up the Information Systems Auditor programme and will provide you with the framework needed to achieve the certification. Self study material is complemented with practical examples of auditing at large corporations to assist you in understanding some of the more complex process of Information Systems Auditing.

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